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July 2009 Newsletter

Elder Law
It’s all about timing.

Elder Law is a highly specialized field of law, addressing the specific quality-of-life needs of those over the age of fifty. Excellent Elder Law practice provides the elderly with caring counsel and effective legal and financial guidance. While encompassing literally all legal services for seniors Elder Law primarily seeks to protect the assets and rights of seniors, and to enhance the quality of their lives.

Estate Planning
Who needs estate planning?

Estate planning isn’t about how much money you have, it’s about protecting what you have for you, during your life and for those you love, after you’re gone. It ensures what you have gets to the people you love, the way you want, when you want.

Medicaid Planning
Rule of Thumb: Do not apply for Medicaid without a plan to ensure you qualify.

Medicaid is a different program than Medicare. Medicaid is a federal program that provides health and financial coverage for people with limited assets and incomes. It covers the cost of nursing home care for those who meet the program’s medical and economic requirements for eligibility. Though it is a federal program, Medicaid is administered by the states. Federal law empowers each state to enforce Medicaid eligibility rules according to its own interpretation. This means that application of these rules can vary significantly from state to state.

Planning After The Loss Of A Loved One
Losing a loved one is one always difficult, especially if they handled the financial decisions.

Don’t let a morass of confusing legal and financial decisions make this time harder than it has to be. The question we always hear, “Where do I begin?”

About Our Firm
“I protect my client’s assets from taxes, lawsuits, relatives, nursing home costs — anything that threatens their savings and property. I also arrange my client’s affairs so that they will avoid emotional pain and family fights in leaving their wealth to their heirs, and pay the least possible amount in taxes and fees.”

- Thomas J. Hansen, J.D., C.P.A.

Thomas J. Hansen, LTD. assists clients in Park Ridge, Cook County, IL as well as Niles, Des Plaines, Glenview, Norridge, and Rosemont.

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